Friday, August 15, 2008

Hipsters Suck, BUT I/You Do Too.

Cool article about why hipsters are the dead end of western civilization
agreed, they pretty much are a bunch of white rich kid cultural appropriators whose entire subculture is founded on consumerism and some industry produced idea of cool.

BUT, disagree with the authors glamourizing of punk and hip-hop. both have prettty political origins, and I fucking insist, no matter what any bullshit punk-rock royalty warped tour asshole says, (ahem Nekromantix, lower class brats, etc *cough*) that punk IS political in origin and at heart. like the very act of reclaiming music as something you can do yourself and with your friends and not just rockstar corporate major label crap IS political. Pride in working class is political, there is a side being taken. that's not to say that every punk song's gotta be about politics or everyone's gotta believe the same shit, but like the ideals of being against authority, doing shit yourself, being proud and rejecting (not assimilating into ) mainstream crap , in itself is political.
anyway, got off on a tangent....lik yeah pre-hipster youth cultures have existed as a way to rebel against the mainstream. BUT both punk and hip hop, like hipster [suedo culture, have become mass produced and stand for fucking nothing nowadays.

like the author can't tell me the self-identified punk at hot topic that paid 30 dollars for a studded belt is resisting consumerism. or that G-unit is a way of suverting the dominant paradigim.
nowadays, punk and hip hop by and large are not political, so why does the end of western civilization end with hipsters?

I think 'the end' started as far back as Elvis and Hippies and also ends with Warped Tour and Hot 97.


Suzanne said...

Thanks for writing this.